A Very Special Invitation from Randy Gage…

Dear Prosperity Warrior,

For almost ten years, you guys have been beseeching me to bring back my Breakthrough U coaching program.  And for almost a decade, I’ve resisted.

While the program was a huge success; very lucrative and rewarding, it simply took up too much of my bandwidth.  There were too many people at the introductory levels.  And too many of them were “tourists” – people who wanted success, but weren’t willing to do the work it requires.

Now I’ve found a way to make it work.  Which presents an extraordinary opportunity for you…

With the help of the Internet and more recent technology, I’ve been able to construct a system, process, and platform that can work for us both.

It’s a way to provide you with the kind of intense,
interactive, and customized coaching that can
make a profound difference in your career and life.

To learn the specifics how we can work together, and how it can benefit you, please choose the track you are interested in below.

I look forward to working with you, helping you achieve your goals!

– RG

Influencer Track

Choose this track if you are a speaker, author, coach, political leader, consultant, media personality, or thought leader who wants to dent the universe and make a real difference.

Marketing Track

Choose this track if you are in direct selling, network marketing, or a party plan company and want to become a stronger leader, and dramatically increase the size of your team.