Then you should be a part of



He rose from a minimum wage dishwasher to inspiring millions around the world…

He’s a former high school dropout who wrote ten bestsellers, which have been translated into 25 languages…

He morphed from quiet introvert into a social media superstar who has spoken to more than 2 million people and is in the Speakers Hall of Fame…

Dear Colleague,

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting personalized coaching from me, helping you develop your own influence, so you can make a dent in the universe – you’re going to love my Breakthrough U coaching program!

This program is for people who want to make a difference, set the agenda, and lead movements. If you are a thought leader, artist, speaker, author, consultant, information entrepreneur, political leader, YouTube star, coach, or any kind of agent of change who wants to lead a tribe and make a difference – this is exactly what you need. It’s your opportunity to get real-world mentoring from someone who is actually in the space, building influence and impacting the world, as you want to do.

Want To Work With Me?

Here is a brief sampling of some of the skills you will learn how to do in this track:


Expand your influence
Increase your website traffic
Have a stronger impact
Appear in the media
Develop a core product line
Build a high traffic blog or podcast (or both)
Offer speeches or public seminars (or both)
Monetize your IP

Build a following on social media
Build your database
Create a powerful YouTube channel
Become attractive to publishers or publish your own books
Become a bestselling author
Market coaching or consulting services (or both)
Develop intellectual property (IP)
Grow a loyal tribe of fierce advocates for your work

Change the world!

Let me share what the actual coaching process will look like and how you can participate...


Every month, you will participate in an online webinar with me.

Each month we’ll explore one topic that’s important for influencers like you.  (Expect something like one of the topics above, or similar.  Something that will help you make a better impact and grow your tribe.)   This is a live, interactive event with you, other members of the coaching program, and I.

I will begin with a presentation, but leave adequate time afterward for your comments and questions.  If you are not able to participate live, it will be recorded so you can watch or re-watch again. You get to attend a personal success seminar every month, but without having to leave home or get on an airplane.

Four personal consultations with me, each year.

You’ll receive my private e-mail address, so you can submit a summary (up to three pages) of an idea or concept you want input on.  This could be a book proposal, speech outline, a venture you’re considering taking to market, a website concept, marketing campaign, etc.  I will analyze it and give you constructive feedback on how it might be improved to be more effective, salable, and/or profitable.

Please note that these cannot be rolled over to the following year.  I don’t want extra consultations hanging over my head.  Use them or lose them.

Next, you will receive my monthly Influence with Integrity Brief.

The Brief is private and confidential email, available only to Breakthrough U members.  It isn’t for sale to outsiders at any price.  (And as part of your membership agreement, you agree not to sell or distribute it to anyone else.) It’s my opportunity to share some important, thought-provoking aspect of how you can expand your reach and work each month.  It will also include some thinking points and suggested homework, to ensure you really understand and can apply the insights to your business.

You will be accepted into a private, members-only Facebook group.

This is another opportunity for you to brainstorm and network with me and other members of the group. It’s a place where I can post quick tips and updates when I want to share something with you quickly.  Best of all, I can stream Facebook Live video at any time.

You will receive a 50 percent discount on admission for the annual Influence Boot Camp I will be conducting.

This is your chance to meet in person, for a weekend of mind-expanding sessions on influence and how it is created. These will be intense, in-depth learning experiences, conducted for people who want to put a dent in the universe and make a difference.

The people you will network with at this event are the real players, not the wannabes you meet at Chamber of Commerce business card exchanges. This is the closest thing you’ll find to the Jedi Council on this planet. Imagine the powerful and life-changing things you can learn from a group like this. If you can’t pick up at least one million-dollar idea at each event – you’re just not trying!

So here’s a recap.  As a member of my Breakthrough U coaching program you will receive:


One live monthly interactive webinar



Four personal consultations each year



The monthly Influence with Integrity Brief



Membership in the private Facebook community



50% discount on the annual Influence Boot Camp


What’s the Investment?

This was a difficult decision for me. I know a lot of you are eager for my mentoring and would accomplish great things if you have it. But my time is severely limited and it’s vital that the group membership isn’t so large that you won’t be able to receive the coaching you want and require. So the goal was to create a “sweet spot,” a price that weeds out the tourists and attracts only the serious players. (I reserve the right to limit membership at any time, to ensure the group is manageable.)

For that reason, I am pricing the program at only $7,000 per person, per year. You can make four quarterly payments of $1,800, or prepay the year and receive the $7,000 discounted price.

Spaces are limited. Once they are gone, they are gone and we’ll put you on the waiting list for an opening.

I Want In!  Sign Me Up!

What’s the Guarantee?


There is none. If you want to be a part of a program like this, you need to accept personal responsibility for executing on your end. I’ll give you my best advice. What you do with it is up to you. Of course you may cancel at any time.

Now it’s only fair to warn you…

The Breakthrough U coaching program is not for everyone. You must be committed to growth and willing to participate thoroughly. It’s important that you be the kind of person who will do the assignments, contribute to the group, and participate in the webinars and other events.

We’ve priced the program to get the best group possible. Frankly, it’s a steal in terms of what you get, relative to what you invest. However, it is pricey enough to attract only those who are serious about success – yet screen out the posers, tire kickers, and energy leeches. I think you’ll agree it’s a bargain and certain to attract only the kind of real players you want to network with.

By using technology, we’ve kept the price low enough to ensure that I can help as many serious people as possible. And I do know that this will still be a reach for some of you.

But if you’re the kind of person the program is designed for – you know that it is only by breaking out of your comfort zone, investing in yourself, and taking action that’s going to take you to where you really want to be.

I could tell you more about the benefits of working directly with me, but I’d rather not. It’s better to let my body of work, reputation and experience speak for itself. If this program is right for you, you knew it about ten paragraphs ago and just continued reading for curiosity. If you’re not certain, the program is really not for you. I’m sure that you can make a mindful decision, and I’m betting that you know a career-changing steal when you see one.

If it is right for you, please register before all the spaces are gone. I’m looking forward to working with you, and help you spread your influence around the planet!

– Randy Gage

P.S. This program is for people who absolutely know that they have a bigger role to play in the world and just need some coaching on how to do that. If that’s you, please grab your spot before they are all taken!