Then you should be a part of



He rose from a minimum wage
dishwasher to multi-millionaire…

He Built a Team of More than
200,000 People Across 50 Countries…

He is Arguably the Most Respected
Network Marketing Expert in the World…

Now, He Can Be YOUR “Surrogate Sponsor”

Dear Colleague,

Want to build an amazing business?  It would help if you believed your business was amazing to begin with.

I’m old enough to remember when our profession was suspect, struggling for credibility, fighting for our right to exist.

We had to justify the business model and distinguish ourselves from the scams, pyramid schemes, and money games that came before us.  (And will always be around in some fashion or another.)  Every presentation and series of marketing materials had to explicitly explain the difference between a legitimate network marketing opportunity and an illegal plan.

Those days are long gone…

Today we have numerous direct selling, party plan, and network marketing companies that each produce at least a billion dollars a year in revenue.  Some in multiples of that.

General awareness and acceptance of our profession has never been higher.  We are frequently featured in those mainstream business publications.  Our companies trade on the major stock exchanges.  And unless you live in a cabin in the deep woods or on Antarctica, you’ve met someone who earns a five- or even six-figure monthly income in our business.  Probably a few.

So why are so many people in our profession so insecure and desperate for validation?  Why do they grasp at every innocuous mention of the business from any mainstream publication, breathlessly trumpet every pandering comment made by a motivational speaker about their company, and desperately seek endorsements from entrepreneurs in other sectors?

Yes it’s great that former president Bill Clinton spoke to the DSA and mentioned some positive things about our business.  Lovely that authors like Robert Kiyosaki and David Bach support the business model in their books.  Wonderful that Tony Robbins and Richard Branson have spoken positively about the profession from the stage.

But you can’t get validation from any of those people.  You have to bring your own.

I’m the middle child of three kids, raised by a single mother who supported us by knocking on doors selling AVON.  I was a teenage drug addict and alcoholic and made some very poor choices in my early years.  I was expelled from high school, and in jail by 15 years old.

There were no colleges offering me scholarships, and no Fortune 500 companies recruiting me.  I was scuffling along, trying to make my way in the world when I was presented the concept of network marketing and explained leverage for the first time.

Inherently I knew this was something big.  I understood that this was the missing element in my knowledge – for how to escape the grind of trading hours for dollars, and finding a way to actually break through and create concrete and sustainable income.

Today I’m a multi-millionaire man, living the dream life I have designed for myself.  And I owe all that to this extraordinary, challenging and wonderful business model of network marketing and the leverage it offers.

And now I have an opportunity to take my knowledge, experience and insights about this amazing business – and offer it to a select group of people committed to becoming legendary in our profession!

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting trained, mentored and coached by one of the most successful people to ever enter our profession  – you’re going to love my Breakthrough U coaching program!  It’s your opportunity to get real-world mentoring from someone who has actually been working in the business for more than 30 years, and operating at a world-class level for the last 20.

If you are a top leader or want to become one – this program is for you.  If you are a company owner or executive who wants to really understand what happens in the field and how you can best support your sales force – this program is for you.

This track of the Breakthrough U coaching program will help you grow and develop into an legendary leader in our profession.  You will receive personalized coaching from me, in all aspects of how to improve your leadership, team building, recruiting, management, and marketing skills.

Want To Work With Me?

Here is just a sampling of the tangible results you can expect by participating in the program:



You will discover the secrets to building a customer base exponentially larger than your team members, and produce greater sales volume.


You’ll learn how to recruit better and generate stronger recruiting results from your team.


You will be able to replace yourself in the leadership hierarchy.


You can dramatically intensify the rank advancement pace for you and the team.


You’ll take years off your learning curve.


You will discover how to evaluate your system and marketing materials, to replace or upgrade those necessary to create stronger duplication.


You’ll create the kind of team culture that outsiders will want to join and become a part of.


You can manage your time and priorities better, to produce improved results.


You’ll understand how to create a “leadership factory” in your organization.

Let me share what the actual coaching process will look like and how you can participate...


Every month, you will participate in an online webinar with me.

Each month we’ll explore one topic that’s important for improving your skills, building your confidence and growing your business. (Expect something like one of the topics above. Something that will help you expand your team and volume.) This is a live, interactive event with you, other members of the coaching program, and I.

I will begin with a presentation, but leave adequate time afterward for your comments and questions. If you are not able to participate live, it will be recorded so you can watch or re-watch again. You get to attend a personal success seminar every month, but without having to leave home or get on an airplane.

Four personal consultations with me, each year.

You’ll receive my private e-mail address, so you can submit a burning question you have on recruiting, working with your team, or a leadership issue you want advice on. Or, you can send a summary (up to three pages) of an idea or concept you want feedback on. This could be a marketing campaign, new presentation overview, training program, new tool for your system, etc. I will analyze it and give you constructive input on how it might be improved to be more effective for you.

Please note that these cannot be rolled over to the following year. I don’t want extra consultations hanging over my head. Use them or lose them.

Next, you will receive my monthly Biz Breakthroughs Brief.

The Brief is private and confidential email, available only to Breakthrough U members. It isn’t for sale to outsiders at any price. (And as part of your membership agreement, you agree not to sell or distribute it to anyone else.) It’s my opportunity to share some important, thought-provoking aspect of how you can expand your reach and work each month. Each month I’ll also include some action steps that you can take to grow your business.

You will be accepted into a private, members-only Facebook group.

This is another opportunity for you to brainstorm and network with me and other members of the group. It’s a place where I can post quick tips and updates when I want to share something with you quickly. Best of all, I can stream Facebook Live video at any time.

NOTE: This is NOT a forum for recruiting and pitching people. Anyone who does so will be banned and dropped from the program. It’s meant to be a community to share things that benefit all. Instead of fighting over the pie, we will work together making the pie bigger.

You will receive a 50 percent discount on admission for the annual MLM Boot Camp I will be bringing back.

I conducted three of these earlier in my career for price tags of $5,000 and $10,000 a person! This is your chance to meet in person, for a weekend of mind-expanding sessions on recruiting, duplication and developing leadership. These will be intense, in-depth learning experiences, designed to give you immediate action steps you can take back to your group to supercharge growth.

The people you will network with at this event are the serious players in our space. There will be million-dollar producers, top income earners, and high level company execs. Just what you can learn networking in the breaks and hallways can return your entire investment in this program. Imagine the powerful and life-changing things you can learn from a group like this. If you can’t pick up at least one million-dollar idea at each event – you’re just not trying!

So here’s a recap.  As a member of my Breakthrough U coaching program you will receive:


One live monthly interactive webinar



Four personal consultations each year



The monthly Biz Breakthroughs Brief



Membership in the private Facebook community



50% discount on the annual MLM Boot Camp


What’s the Investment?


This was a difficult decision for me.  I know a lot of you are eager for my mentoring and would accomplish great things if you have it.  But my time is severely limited and it’s vital that the group membership isn’t so large that you won’t be able to receive the coaching you want and require.  So the goal was to create a “sweet spot,” a price that weeds out the tourists and attracts only the serious players.  (I reserve the right to limit membership at any time, to ensure the group is manageable.)

For that reason, I am pricing the program at only $7,000 per person, per year.  You can make four quarterly payments of $1,800, or prepay the year and receive the $7,000 discounted price.

Spaces are limited.  Once they are gone, they are gone and we’ll put you on the waiting list for an opening.

I Want In!  Sign Me Up!

What’s the Guarantee?


There is none.  If you want to be a part of a program like this, you need to accept personal responsibility for executing on your end.  I’ll give you my best advice.  What you do with it is up to you.  Of course you may cancel at any time.

Now it’s only fair to warn you…

The Breakthrough U coaching program is not for everyone.  This coaching program is not designed for part-timers or retailers.  I created it exclusively for people who currently are, or want to become, top leaders in a network marketing or direct selling organization.

If you primarily have a retailing business and want to keep it that way, this coaching program is way overkill for you.  You can learn those skills in my books and albums.

Likewise, if you are earning less than $10,000 a month in your network marketing business and are satisfied with that, this program is not for you either.  You can get training from me in my Academy for Network Marketing Leadership.

Join this coaching program only if you are a six- or seven-figure annual earner – or want to become one.

We’ve priced the program to get the best group possible.  Frankly, it’s a steal in terms of what you get, relative to what you invest.  However, it is pricey enough to attract only those who are serious about success – yet screen out the posers, tire kickers, and energy leeches.  I think you’ll agree it’s a bargain and certain to attract only the kind of real players you want to network with.

By using technology, we’ve kept the price low enough to ensure that I can help as many serious people as possible. And I know that this will still be a reach for some of you…

But if you’re the kind of person the program is designed for – you know that it is only by breaking out of your comfort zone, investing in yourself, and taking action that’s going to take you to where you really want to be.

This coaching can make a huge difference in your career. There has never been anything like this before.  I introduced network marketing in many developing countries, and trained the top income earners in dozens of companies. I’ve arguably trained more MLM millionaires than anyone alive today.
Most importantly, what I will share with you comes from real-world experience, earning millions of dollars as a distributor. I know what is working in the marketplace right now, and I’ll show exactly how to reach the top levels of success.  I’ll demonstrate everything I learned building a team in more than 50 countries. And then what I learned walking away and starting all over again.
I could tell you more about the benefits of having me as your surrogate sponsor, but I’d rather not.  I’d much rather let my body of work, reputation, and experience speak for itself.

If this program is right for you, you knew it about ten paragraphs ago and just continued reading for curiosity.  If you’re not certain, the program is probably not for you.  I’m sure that you can make a mindful decision, and I’m betting that you know a game-changing steal when you see one.

If it is right for you, please register before all the spaces are gone.  I’m looking forward to working with you, and help you build the business you have always dreamed of!

– Randy Gage

P.S. This program is for people who absolutely know that this profession is the most empowering opportunity on the planet today, and just need some coaching on how to do it at